Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dollhouse Mini Eclairs

These are photos of mini eclairs I experimented with last year.  I realized I haven’t shared photos of these as I was going through my blog. They are sculpted from scratch.

There wasn't much space on the surface area of the dollhouse eclairs for one to decorate. I came across a similar looking eclair as I was doing my research. It was filled with strawberries, mint leaves and more. I also fell in love with the clean striking colours. It was exquisite looking.

There are more beautiful edible eclairs out there, so I hope to experiment and turn some of those into a dollhouse miniature collection slowly.

I had to take a shot of it on my finger, just so that you know it is really a dollhouse miniature.

I hope you enjoy these photos! 

Have a fabulous mid-week!


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