Friday, January 3, 2014

Dollhouse Paper Flower Kit

During the quiet holiday downtime, I had some time to play with this new paper flower kit. A true scale kit that is hard to come by, this particular one makes 1/12 dollhouse miniature english ivy plant. I was curious about its quality and ease of usage, so I took some time to try this out. Today I shall blog about it!

I make my dollhouse flowers and plants using air dry clay, so it is my first time trying paper kit. Naturally I was excited and wondered how different it would be - clay versus paper.

The kit has everything you need - flora wires, ready laser cut leaves and instruction slip. Of course, you will have to source for your own miniature flower pot.

I'll say that this kit is easy for anyone who picks it up to make their own dollhouse plants. Although the instruction slip is in Japanese, the photos on the the slip is well illustrated so you'll know how to use it.

The first thing you should do is to get your flower pot ready.

I know it is rather tempting to want to get right down to the kit, but get your tools ready, so that you'll have a more seamless experience. Also you know exactly how much to make, how large your plant should be, the length of it. Planning makes it easier for yourself, and you'll have less wastage.

After all my prep work was ready, I can now work on the english ivy leaves.

Initially I was sort of worried about the paper texture. I wasn't sure if the paper would turn fragile once I started painting, so I consciously avoid using too much water. After painting a few times using different amount of water each time, I must say that the paper quality is really excellent. It's pretty sturdy, so don't worry when you paint on the leaves. I didn't had any trouble with mine, and I am happy to report I have no wastage.

I also love how detailed the leaves were. If you use the correct amount of water with paint, you can get fairly realistic looking leaves with the leaf veins showing. So please try it out!

This kit comes with 6 different sizes of English Ivy Leaves. I estimate that you can probably make between 4-6 plants with this kit.

I found that the large size leaves are a little too big for my liking, so what I did was to cut them down smaller and this worked perfectly for me! I was so happy, because this again means no wastage!

And here's my result - an english ivy plant solely made of paper.

After trying out the paper kit, I would say that using the kit is definitely quicker than using air dry clay. I was actually amazed that the end result is quite good. It was even better than my initial expectation. I really love how well defined the small leaves can get.

I think this would be a good start for beginners who want to make plants. Using clay might be too tedious for beginners, so this kit would provide a good starting ground for those who are not sure if they like making dollhouse plants.

If you like what you see, and want to get one to try it out yourself, you may get it here.


  1. Oh wow this kit is such fun! I've been looking for some plant and flower kits!! I hope you will look for more paper flower kits!! Thanks so much for sharing! Love to you!


  2. The Ivy plant turned out great! I love the plant holder too! Thanks for sharing

  3. Es sorprendente, parece real. La plantita que hiciste es maravillosa. Un abrazo.

  4. I love the details on the leaves and the variety of sizes available in the kit! Your work is wonderful as always!



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