Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature High Tea Tray

I'm pleased to show you my latest work which is a dollhouse miniature high tea tray filled with various assorted pastries and desserts. Besides working on a big project, I've been working on flowers for several weeks now. While waiting for my new colors to arrive, I decided to swap projects around for a bit. This 3-tier high tea stand is something I've been looking to work on as I have it in my collection for some time now.

There are 15 desserts and pastries presented on this tray altogether. I'm not going to name all of them here, so I'll just let you enjoy the photos.

A special mention goes to the glass cup dessert I've placed on the bottom tier. It's a chocolate mousse, lined with a tad of matcha cream and raspberry sauce. Beside it on the back is a scone!

More delicate cakes and tarts on the 2nd tier as well.

I decided not to glue these desserts on the tray as I think it would give more flexibility to the collector who wants to arrange the desserts around :)

Now available in my shop under the Dollhouse Miniature Food section here.


  1. Oh I love sweet :)


  2. Gran realismo tienen una pinta exquisita.
    Un abrazo.

  3. That is so cute! All of your creations are just amazing, very talented. When you make the little cream/icing bits, like for meringues or cream on top of the cakes, do you actually use a mini decorating tip? And do you sell those? I'm trying to figure out how to make some in a half scale, but not sure if I'm going to have to hand mold them or if there is something out there :)

  4. Hello Wendy, Thank you for visiting my blog! There is more than 1 way to make icing, but for beginners, you can consider using the mold that I carry in my store. It has half scale icing too!

  5. So pretty!!! I love it. :) Happy day and love to you!



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