Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some new toys to experiment!

So, over the past week, I finished another miniature impromptu project which is a present for a friend. As much as I wanted to share lots of photo of this piece right now, I have to wait till my friend receives it. I don't want to ruin this surprise for her!! But of course, for those of you who have been following my facebook fan page here, you would have seen a sneak peak photo of it :)

I'll post more photos of that piece once I have it delivered to my friend.

The impromptu project lead me to discover new things in the miniature world, and I'm excited to experiment more new stuff for my other pieces!

And oh, I bought some more new paints.

You know how much I just love colours....I can' wait to try them out!

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  1. Looking forward to seeee what you made for your friend! She is a very lucky girl. :) I love colors too and i am slowly collecting Martha Stewart colors. Love to you!



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