Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tall Sandwich Necklace

I've been really busy the past month up till now, rushing out Christmas orders and re-stocking my shop - which is why I've really haven't had time to blog or even create new items.

Yesterday, I finally had some time to play with new ideas! I've always been wanting to try my hand making a sandwich necklace, and I had fun "stacking" things up! :)

The tall sandwich jewelry has many layers of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and ham!

This would be great for everyday wear. Because I had so much time creating this, I'm going to make a couple more.

Available at my Etsy shop here now!


  1. Woww ..!!!
    Wonderful work in miniature ..!!!
    Compliments ..!!!
    elvira :)

  2. Genial, es muy realista.
    Feliz Navidad.
    Un abrazo.


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