Friday, April 17, 2015

A Trip To See Tulips In Singapore

I was excited when I knew there was going to be a tulip show at Gardens By The Bay. There was no way I was going to miss this, so I picked a less busy weekday to see the tulips. A few days before I went, my friend in Seattle went to a tulip farm and I was so envious after seeing all the photos from his trip! Although I know the local show cannot be compared to a real farm visit, I think the excitement from just knowing I can see this beauties in real life is enough to bring a smile to my face.

First, I must admit I skipped taking photos of the decorations that come with this tulip exhibition such as the candy house and figurines because I didn't think there was anything special about them. So the photos I am going to post are mainly just flower photos. I had a fun time looking and admiring them.

This is the second time I entered the flower dome, and actually almost most of the succulent plants and African flowers are the same. The only difference this time round was that the center stage was used to feature tulips.

I took this picture as I wanted to remind myself to attempt making these colored leaves the next time round!

Love the colors of these!

Intrigued by the petals

And now, the tulips!

These yellow ones caught my attention the most!

These white and purple ones make a great combination!

A sea of blooming flowers

Hyacinths were on display too

I love the gradient shade of these petals

The one and only display I took photograph of

Closeup of the tulip

I hope you enjoy the mini walk with me!  Have a great weekend!

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