Saturday, November 21, 2015

My first Instagram Giveaway!

I must be one of the slowest person to join in Instagram. But honestly, I seldom use my mobile phone unless I don't have access to my computer.

But yes, my instagram account is here.

I was going to plan a giveaway anyway for the month of November, and decided I'll do it over at instagram :)

November is such a special month for me, because it's my birthday month, and I'm already feeling the holiday mood!

I hope you will join in the fun, win some miniature molds and create something beautiful with them!


  1. Congratulations for your birthday! May you enjoy a wonderful day with lots more to come.

    I love your giveaway. Can I take part if I'm not on Instagram?

    Hugs, Drora

  2. No tengo instagram y me encantarĂ­a participar! Siempre sigo tu blog, un abrazo

  3. Thank you Dora for the birthday wishes!

    The contest giveaway is hosted at instagram. So you will need to sign up for an account to take part. It's really easy to get an account, I hope you do.



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