Monday, November 2, 2015

Food Jewelry Workshop Singapore - Christmas Cake Tower Necklace

I'm pleased to share that I'm adding a new workshop offering in my suite of craft classes available!

Last week, I turned the christmas cake tower into a wearable food jewelry piece! I was happy with the results and I had the idea to turn this into a workshop offering as well. So here it is!!

Over the years, I have received numerous requests about the possibility of teaching some food jewelry classes. However, I had difficulty with that as I use air dry clay for all my craft classes, and it takes time for the clay to dry. For a larger dollhouse miniature piece, I could always plan something for the student to work on while waiting for the air dry clay to dry naturally. But for a single food jewelry piece, you can't proceed if the item isn't dried. Believe it or not, I'm mindful about maximizing my student's traveling time and ensuring that there is enough content to teach in a session. So, that has really been my biggest hurdle and I wanted to wait till I have a project that would take a couple of hours at least to complete before rolling out a craft workshop! Here I am, finally! :)

This Nov/Dec period is perfect for this particular food jewelry piece, so come join me to create your own masterpiece.

For more details about this craft workshop, please click here.

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