Sunday, January 17, 2016

Public Speaking Opportunity

I wanted to blog about something entirely different today. Actually introversion and public speaking are two big subjects which I ought to break it up to talk about more. So today, I'll want to focus and share my thoughts on public speaking.

Recently, I was presented with a public speaking opportunity. Yes it's something different from what I do altogether, and surprisingly I was excited about it. I was excited because it's truly a public speaking opportunity, and not a hands-on crafting demo thing. If you had presented that idea to me when I was in my 20s, I'll freak out and say no. It was a combination of stage fright, disliking being in the limelight and lack of self confidence. The truth is, I have numerous opportunities to present when I was younger, but they were all work related topics and honestly, I have always hated it. I hated it because the topics (usually technical) bores me to death. I never really felt for the subject strongly which naturally led me to not liking public speaking or presenting altogether.

But coming back to this recent opportunity...Ultimately, things didn't work out because they wanted me to talk about a different topic which I don't care about. If I find the topic boring and it doesn't inspires me, I am not motivated at all. I have actually given some serious thoughts about this. If I was given the platform to talk publicly, and I can choose what I wanted to talk about, this is what I wanted to share: inspiration, passion, the creative journey and even business fundamentals. These are the topics that I care about and feel strongly for. I have also garnered quite a few stories from my own creative journey all these years to share. I don't want to talk about the "nuts and bolts" of setting up a business because these are things that you can find answers on the internet if you really spend some time doing research.

As I reflect on the recent incident, I never imagined being presented with a public speaking opportunity. But I think from the few minutes of exchanges I had with the few guys, I must have impressed them to a certain extent. I'm going to save those personal stories and maybe in the future where there is an opportunity to talk about them, I'll like to share. I want to use the public speaking platform to share those, because it would create the most impact that way.

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