Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Everyone has their own story to tell

I recently completed this flower arrangement which I named it Spring Chic. It reminds me of spring time that is slowly but surely approaching us. Although I know this is not truly the case as many of the countries in North Asia are experiencing a sudden big chill and the weather in many of the countries are at a new low. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you see it, Singapore isn't affected by it really. Over here, I'm only experiencing more windy days, but the temperature hasn't dropped lower.

The spring chic dollhouse miniature flower arrangement is available here.


If you are still reading this post, what I'm going to say next isn't going to be miniatures related.

But I had a bit of shock and am feeling a bit sad today. My mother fell at home today. But thankfully I was at home at that time. By the time I went to take a look, she was sitting down and applying some medication to her eye socket area which was very swollen. She also cut her lip. I was very shocked by that, and I insisted to bring her to the doctor right away. I think she was a bit embarrassed to be walking out of the house in that state, but I did not want to delay any further as I wasn't sure if she had any serious injuries. I also think she was in a bit of a shock. We went right away in a taxi and luckily I managed to grab the first spot for her at the doctor. The doctor examined her and said it's hard to tell if she had any fractures but he doesn't think there is any. So we have to monitor her condition for the next few days to see if she has any pain, vomiting, headaches etc. She was prescribed with swelling medication, pain medication and a mouth gargle. The doctor also asked that she put an ice pack over her swollen area to reduce the swelling. So that was my priority when we got home. Even though she's in a bit of shock then, the doctor didn't want to prescribe any medication for that as it will cause drowsiness. So it is something she had to cope and handle naturally. I made her chamomile tea as I knew it helps with anxiety and panic attacks. It was her first time drinking that and I think she is open to anything that helps to calm her down. She finished the entire cup! After an afternoon of icing, her swelling has reduced a lot. But I know she's still a little self conscious with her looks. I know she doesn't want to go out of our home for at least a week until the bruise and swelling is completely subsided. She doesn't want others to think she was being physically abused.

I think as our parents get older and more frail, we will experience and witness things that reminds us that they are indeed not as young and mobile as before. While I was helping my mom with the icing, I had a sudden flashback of how my mom took care of me when I was young and broke my nose accidentally in school. She took me to the clinic and then hospital, and also massaged my broken nose gently with the hard boil egg. Now it is my turn to care for my mother. I cannot help but feel sad when I see my mom with a swollen bruised eye. But I did not shed a tear when I was with her, because I had to be strong to be the caretaker.

For the next few days or weeks, I'll be more busy around the house helping my mom. I love my mom very much and want her to get well soon. :) 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your mum Pei Li. It is great that you are there to care for her and took her to see the doctor to make sure she is ok. I hope the bruising and swelling go quickly.

  2. Hi Pei Li, I am so sorry to hear about your mother's fall and subsequent injuries. I know it must hurt but Thank God that you were around to assist and that there were no bones broken. Swellings around the eye area always look bad though and so no doubt your mother was indeed in shock. It sounds like you and your mother have a Very loving and caring relationship and THAT is worth its weight in gold! :D

  3. Thank you so much ladies!!

    @Shannon - I posted a reply on your blog :) Thanks for your warm, kind thoughts!

    @Elizabeth - I'm thankful for your kind comments. It means a lot. I have no experiences with eye bruises, and yes it does look very bad. But the good thing is she said there is no pain, except if she presses the area, which is natural. Her eyesight isn't affected which I'm really GLAD. I'm just THANKFUL she is mobile, she can walk, but I barred her from carrying pails of water, just any activities that may be slip/fall prone. :) I'll keep monitoring her condition. Hope she gets better day by day. Thanks a lot Elizabeth!

  4. Hi Pei Li,
    It is a shock when we realize that our parents have become vulnerable. In our minds eye they are as vital as ever.

    Best wishes for a fast recovery.

    Your work is marvellous, thank you for sharing it with us.
    Regards Janine

  5. Hola Pei Li, lamento que su mama se cayera y espero que se recupere muy pronto de sus heridas, seguro que sus amorosos cuidados la ayudaran mucho.
    Su trabajo es expléndido!


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