Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Back from Vacation! Hello November!

Hello November! My favorite month of the year! :)

I'm back from my vacation last week and was slowly getting back into the swing of things! I wanted to put a list of key highlights of my trip quickly, because I haven't had time to get all the travel photos together. Also, it will help me to remember my trip as time goes by.

* We saw 2 rainbows in 2 cities, Seattle and Vancouver. My friend says I'm lucky
* I met my long time friend of over 10 years. Not many people can say that, and I feel very grateful.
* I get to hang out with my best friend, and we spent time just hanging out.
* I got to experience fall/autumn again, and love this beautiful season. I saw so many beautiful trees and leaves of many colors. It was breathtaking.
* More than 10 years ago, I passed by the Art Gallery and had wanted to visit it, but never had the courage to do that. Finally, I went to the Art Gallery and loved it. 
* I got to experience several walking trails, all of them were beautiful. Abundance of nature makes me really happy.
* I bonded quickly with Coco, a bulldog. She's the sweetest and most affectionate dog I've interacted. My friend and I were equally surprised how quickly I learnt to lead her with ease. She loves my massages.
* I got to carve my first Jack O Lantern pumpkin, which I'm really happy and grateful for that experience. The pumpkin only costs CAD$3.
* We dug the seeds out from the pumpkin and roasted them to eat. It was delicious.
* The weather was kind to us mostly, and I got to see both cities on good sunshine days.
* Customs was a breeze, never had problems at both countries.
* We didn't have any jet lag when we arrived and when we came back!
* Best bud insisted that we were lucky people, as the rain stops and the sun appears whenever we had to go into the outdoors.
* I realized that a lot of things were actually cheaper in Canada than compared to back home.

I worked on these American girl doll chocolate dome desserts as soon as I came home, and am glad they are completed and mailed to my customer.  I had another new dome dessert idea while working on these, and I'd like to see them in fruition soon.

I'm thankful to all my customers, who patiently waited for their orders and packages to be processed and mailed while I was away. I'm pretty much all caught up with speed now, thank you again! :)

This weekend is going to be a relatively busy one for me! One seminar to attend on Saturday, and a workshop class to teach on Sunday! :)

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