Saturday, November 5, 2016

Etsy Meets Singapore

I was glad to make it to the #EtsyMeetsSingapore Sellers Meetup event yesterday! It was time well spent. Even though I have been selling on etsy for a while now, anything that has to do with technology changes all the time. Although the turn out yesterday was small, but I thought it was still nice and cozy. I am grateful for the organizers who put it all together. They had a couple of topics on "social media" and "keywords" that I found relevant and useful. So even for long time sellers, I think one would pick up something that they didn't know. At least I did! It was also nice to meet other sellers, although I must say I didn't get to talk to many. I tend to talk "deeply" with each one, and before we know it, break time is up! :) A shout out to Janice of TrinketsEtcetera It was great chatting with you! :) I think she will be opening up her store or another one soon.

There were also potential shop owners. I met a dad who drove his daughter and wife to this event. We had a short, interesting casual chat. I hope his wife and daughter will feel inspire to open up their shop after the event yesterday.

We got a note pad, pen and notes from yesterday's event. There were some stickers too.

A light-bulb moment for me yesterday was knowing who my target audience is. I only knew it instinctively yesterday. For many years, I have been thinking about it and if you asked me a few years ago, I couldn't even really tell you exactly tell you much. But when this question came up yesterday, a very precise answer came into my mind. And I knew this after having deep conversations with a few of my lovely customers who have spend time chatting with me online. We'd talk about not just what I make or sell, but what interests us, what makes us happy. These are good questions and it gives you an insight into another person's life. So, thank you, for those of you who have shared with me your life, your likes, what inspires you!

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