Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gerbera Daisy Necklace

I've been toying the idea of turning my gerbera daisies into a wearable necklace, and finally did it! I'm so happy. I wanted to keep the concept of a pot of gerbera daisies, because almost other items I've seen around in the market features only a single stalk daisy. I wanted to offer something different. Besides, having a pot means MORE flowers to look at. So, that's how my idea came about. :)

This would make a perfect gift for pretty much all occasions, or for anyone who loves gerbera daisies.

In fact, I think I would like to try turning more of my miniature flowers into wearables next year. That's a pretty good goal, I think! :)

How is everyone preparing or gearing up for Christmas? Am I the only one who really isn't doing much, besides maybe doing a little deep cleaning, cross stitching (yes!!!), and working out new workshop content for next year? Those are in my plans. I hope to stick to them :)

Quiet times during the holiday season is the best time to work. It works well for me, and it has been this way for years now. I know it sounds weird and crazy! But I've always been doing exactly the opposite of what most people do all these years. Work when the rest are relaxing, and relaxing when others are working.

So, I'll still be making trips to the post office during the holidays! My store will still be opened, and am still accepting orders and custom orders.

Also, for a limited time period only - TILL 31 December 2016, I will be offering a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE UV Resin Colors Offer.
Simply go to my etsy store here to purchase.

I'm sure I'll still be blogging sometime during the if you're like me, with no where to go, and not doing really anything special, you're not alone. :)

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