Friday, December 16, 2016

UV Resin Colors

So, I've completed testing out the colors of the UV Resin Colors, and couldn't resist to line up all my fake candies together to take a photo!

No special reason...but just wanted to take a photo for future color reference purpose. :)

My mom saw these fake candies and her comment was, Wah...better not let children see these! They will put these into their mouth. I agree.

What's your weekend plan? I hope you have a great one...:)


  1. Beautiful vibrant colours Pei Li. The advances in technology are having a huge impact on the crafting world, so many possibilities! My weekend plans? I have to paint my new front door (real life house). Hope yours is going well.

  2. Dear Shannon,

    Always a joy to read your comments! Thanks for visiting! Your weekend plan sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see your new front door (real life house). Mine was spent with family gathering :)


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