Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Experimenting new flowers...Found the name of the flower

This week, I was back in experimentation mood. So I made some flowers. Sometimes I have a photo for reference, but sometimes I don't. The flowers that I made this time round was based on my imagination. I think I've seen such flowers before.

After making them, I tried to look for its flower type name on google images and pinterest. But I couldn't find anything close.

So I went to my instagram and asked my friends for help :)

And someone mentioned Geraniums. I did a search and yup they do look like geraniums! I'm so happy that I have received help with identifying this flower type. It made me really happy :)

I think they look pretty lovely being displayed in this miniature mason jar mug. I love it so much that I am working on releasing a series of them, in mason jars. :)

I also particularly loved this shade. :) They have been painted on.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday, for all of you who celebrate Easter. 


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