Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Mason Jar Mug Silicone Mold

Hello April! How time flies! April...has traditionally been known as a slower month. And I think it's largely because everyone is busy filing for taxes. I know at least three countries have their tax filing returns date due in mid April, so I suppose everyone is just busy with paperwork. Most of the time, I have mine done in April. However this year, I started doing that in March and I am proud of myself doing it in advance and not leaving it to April. It just makes me feel more relieved that I've completed it way earlier than most years, and that alone makes me really happy.

Now, on to more fun things! I've new miniature molds stocked! Introducing the dollhouse miniature mason jar mug silicone mold and the dollhouse miniature drinking jar silicone mold.

The only difference is, one is with the mug handle, the other without. I find both equally charming!

Without mug handle

With mug handle

I don't know when mason jars became a popular item in the kitchen. But it was in the recent years. People use it as a water glass, or even for flower arrangements. Some serve desserts with it.

These molds are slightly more complex to use than other molds, because it comes with 3 removable parts. However, English instructions and personal tips will be included when you purchase the molds from my shop. I have personally tried making them and wanted you to have a great experience with it, hence I think my personal tips will help you to eliminate some frustrations that come with trial and error.

The smaller size mold will be what you will be using more IF you're making it for 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale scenes.

See photo below to have a gauge of the size of the mug and in comparison with other 1:12 scale miniatures.


  1. The mason jars are AMAZING Pei Li! I love the raised detail on the face of the jar which is so Authentic! Bravo on your new jar molds; exactly what our mini kitchens have been waiting for! :D


  2. These are just terrific! Love all your work, by the way.


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