Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Workshop "White Anemones"

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are off to a great start for another fresh week. I am excited to say, I finally completed a piece which I am including in my suite of craft courses. I'm really happy to be able to add this new "White Anemones" to the list of flowers that I will be teaching. :)

I will still require students to take a pre-requisite before they can learn this, because the truth is, anemones are harder to make compared to the daisies. They require more steps, more sculpting and definitely more patience. I believe one should be able to complete this in one lesson, but as always, there may be instances where one can't complete and have to come back for another lesson. And if that's the case, I'll update the sessions required accordingly after I've gotten a few students taking this class to do a gauge.

Happy mid week everyone!


  1. Great work Pei Li! I think you are so brave for giving lessons, and anyone would be lucky to take them.

    1. Dear Shannon,

      Thank you so much...yes it does take some kind of courage to teach! It certainly didn't come easy to me when I started...but I told myself that everyone has to start somewhere, so here I am :)

      Pei Li

  2. Oh my..! They are so beautiful. Just perfect.
    Hugs, Irina


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