Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Green Fern Plant

It has been a while since I last made a dollhouse miniature green fern plant.

While visiting this, I had a new discovery of why I enjoy making these so much. It occurs to me that every green fern plant has its own characteristics. No matter how many times I make it, each one is different. The crazy ferns reminded me of "hairstyles". How each hairstyle is different and gives character...that concept pretty much applies to the green fern plant. It amazes me sometimes, that how I can draw concepts in real life and somehow link it up with what I do.  It makes me giggle as I think of the ferns as hairstyle.

Yesterday I had a little mishap. As I was just a few minutes out from home, one of my shoe broke. Thank goodness I have not walked very far from home! So I walked home, changed into my comfortable pair of walking shoes and brought another pair of working shoes to change into when I reach my destination. At that very moment, I thought of the scenario of what I would have to do if my shoe broke in the middle of no where and it's hard to get home or to my destination, plus there's no shoe shop nearby. What would I do? What would you do? Please share with me in your comments! I would love to hear. For those of you who have experienced that before, I have deep empathy for must have been a very tough situation.

It also occurs to me, as I see this miniature plant sitting on my desk, how these little tiny fake green ferns really lits up my desk. Especially for someone who stares at the computer working all day, green is something soothing to our eyes. And perhaps, you work in an environment where it isn't possible to have a plant or a vase of flowers nearby - I can think of laboratories! These tiny ones would be great to have around so that your eyes can relax when it's tired from staring at the screen. Best of all, it doesn't require watering! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


  1. You have succeeded very well, it looks lovely! That pot where the fern is planted looks lovely also <3

  2. The entire sole of my brand new shoe once came off as I was walking into a swanky restaurant. Fortunately I had a large handbag. I whipped both shoes off fast as lightning, stuffed them into my bag, and carried on as though nothing had happened. My theory - if you act like it's cool, everyone else will do the same. With every step I took I was wondering what kind of germs I was picking up though. I had a very good scrub when I arrived home!

  3. Hi Megan,

    Thank you so much for sharing that experience! I thought of what I would do too. I think you're right about acting cool. Although where I'm at, I'm sure people would look at me as if I'm a lunatic. Perhaps holding the pair of broken shoes in my hands would help explain my situation and if anyone stares, I'll point them to my shoes. I think that would help. I find it helpful to just talk through it ....just in case it ever happens!!

    Pei Li

  4. Well, I am sorry or pleased that that has not happened to me, yet. So, no story to tell, but where I work I cannot have plants as there is very little sunlight, only artificial, sad, no? So you have given me a great idea and I am already thinking of a little "green" display for my desk, thanks!! And I see what you say, your fern is gorgeous!

  5. While I have been fortunate not to have a shoe break on me, I did look down at work one day to discover in horror that I had two different shoes on! That's what happens when you get up for work at 3:15 am!
    I was lucky to have a pair of walking shoes and a pair of flip flops at work for lunchtime walks and last minute pedicures!
    If it happens again, my friend - I recommend you just stop in at your favorite shoe store. They will probably empathize enough to give you a discount, and who doesn't like an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes! :OP

  6. JUST IN TIME FOR ST. PADDY'S DAY! <3 Lush greens!! Makes ANYONE'S day a whole lot greener, tranquil, and invigorated!! I LOVE your hairstyle analogy.. LOL. That is SO TRUE. Straight, curly, bobbed, bangs... try em all! An advantage of leaves over flowers.. the length LOL! ;)

    Oh wow, SO sorry to hear about your shoe story!! OMG. I've never had one break on me (heels, that is).. *knock on wood*-- but I had times where I literally took them off due to blisters forming. Like, *kill me before I take another step in these lady-killing shoes*

    Roll up flats baby!! <3 When in heels or other breakable shoes, always put one of the roll up flats in your bag just in case. ;) They are well tucked away in purses yet life savers in times of broken shoe woe. ;)

    TGIF HUN!! <33 Stay green! Stay you!! <33

  7. Dear Alexandra, I'm so glad this has given you a little idea to adopt an artificial plant to place on your work desk! :)

    Dear Jodi, Oh lucky that you have a pair of spare at work! Always have a pair of spare at work!

    Dear Deborah, those roll up flats seem like a great idea, I just have to find a pair that fit my feet. I realized I can't wear something that is too flat as my feet hurt after a while, but I think the key is to find something that suits! Thanks for that suggestion! I definitely do need to shop for a new pair of shoes SOON!

  8. Flats DO hurt that is true! Truth be told, I only own 1 pair of flats. All else are either super comfy sneakers or sandals or heels (preferably kitten heels)... or boots. ;)

    Yes, go shoe shopping! A girl can never have too many shoes. It's a girl thing. *Cue the eye roll from men.* It's STILL a girl thing. Even girl dinosaurs had fabulous shoes. Is it not in fossil records? ;)


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