Friday, March 3, 2017

The Blue Screen Of Death

Sorry for my lack of updates! I had meant to blog earlier, but then my laptop decided to retire for good. So you can imagine that bit of chaos going here. My old laptop has been working well for me for the past 5 years. I am thankful. It helps that my brother made some minor upgrades to it over the years and therefore it could stretch its lifespan to 5 years. When it comes to IT equipment, it's unlikely we can use the same one for over 10 I was mentally prepared that mine will retire any day. I am glad I have the habit of saving my photos and work on 2 external hard drives, so if anything happens, I won't suffer a panic attack from trying to recover my work. But of course, I will miss my old laptop. I'm waiting for my brother to order a new one for me...I'm changing to Macbook!! It will be a huge change for me. We will see.

At the meanwhile, I'm working from my mom's old laptop.

There are still some inconveniences while waiting for the new one to arrive. Because my mom's laptop is old, I didn't want to install it with too much programs. So I learning how to work even without having programs installed here.

This precious photo. How I had to transfer the photos over, and then convert the files to jpeg. Then, I had to find a free program online (without downloading or installing) to resize and edit a little. But I'm glad I worked it out!! I'm soooo proud of myself. :)

Another photo of the daisies. They will be going to its new home. :)

I was going to take more photos today, but every time I wanted to, the clouds darkened and it was just impossible. Today is not a day for photography.

Wishing all a happy friday! :)


  1. Today is not a day to photograph, but the pictures are still beautiful!!!

    Love it!

    Hugs from austria

  2. I am not a computer wizard either. Good on you for learning how to save your photos. And like Sigrid said, your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Ah, the blue screen of death. The all-too-familiar scenario that happens way too often for me. Songs cut off on a high note, words cut off mid-sentence (thank god for MS auto recovery lol), scenes cut off on a climax (seriously?).. all thanks to our blue screen of the electronic grim reaper. I feel your pain! I hope it gets resolved soon! My decade-old laptop makes sounds that my hubby describes as a "tractor on a farm field." It is on its last leg. ;)

    On a brighter note, those gorgeous Gerberas are hopefully flying high and strong and I can't wait for them to arrive home! ;) The cloudy day just can't subdue any of your creations from piercing our screens with their beauty.



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