Saturday, June 3, 2017

Back with some lace cake slices

Hi all! I'm back after a short vacation. I'm not sure why I had such fatigue after I was back. I think it is probably due to the humidity. So I've been resting a fair bit and trying to get back into the swing of things.

It's been a while since I made some cake slices. But I did wanted to show how nice intricate lace cake slices can be as well. New lace molds are available here.

These miniature cake slices are made with air dry clay. And I think there are still many people who fear using air dry clay. With air dry clay, you naturally get realistic cake texture without needing to "poke" or texture it with a needle or sharp tool. Just let them dry naturally and be patient. When it's dried, all you need to do is to cut them out.

I think air dry clay is good for those who are suffering from arthritis or weak joints on your wrists.

This once off cake slices set is also available here. I felt that the intricate lace on the top speaks volumes, and adding anything on the top would have covered its natural beauty. So I have left the top design shine on its own.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend! :)


  1. I think that your air dry cakes are Delightful Pei Li! The colors of the various layers, the texture of the cake and the jelly, and the lacy design on top, all make a Gorgeous Presentation! ♡


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