Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Peonies and New Leaves

Over the past week, I have been practicing making new dollhouse miniature peonies using a new technique, and slowly I made a bouquet of them.

With these new peonies, I love how busy the petals are. It was what I was aiming for as I went along. 
I want to keep practicing and fine tuning the technique in the coming week, I can't wait to see how they will look like :) 

The leaves are also new. I've made them even thinner. I'll try another color next round.

Flowers and bike is off to a new home. :)

Happy mid week everyone! 


  1. Oh WOW! Your flowers are soooo pretty Pei Li! The colors are as delicate as swan's down and I Love the thinness of the leaves! Whomever, is the recipient of the bike with the crate of peonies on the back, is in for a REAL TREAT! :D

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for your sweet comments! I enjoyed making these, and yes the recipient loved it! :)

  2. Pei Li, they are beautiful! Your work is truly astounding. Whoever is getting that scooter is very lucky.

  3. What an exquisite bouquet!

  4. I cannot stop staring at this darling masterpiece. *heart palpitation-inducing*

    LITERALLY. ♥︎ ;)

    Pei is simply a fairygodmother. Anything she touches instantly transforms into a glittering carriage. She makes it all work. Exquisitely. She creates BEAUTY and LOVE. Pei IS love. ;) *hugs to our darling Pei!* ♥︎

    1. Thank you Deborah! You made my day :) Thank you for your sweet support always!


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