Thursday, July 13, 2017

How my jogging routine has changed over the years

I've been trying something new lately with my jogging routine. I still remembered when I started jogging, I basically jogged empty handed. Then I got an ipod shuffle by chance where I could put music in. I started listening to music while I jogged. When that gadget died, I started holding my phone. I thought that was a good idea as I started longer distances and it's just safer to have a phone around for emergency. I'd still listen to music, but when I'm bored, I would switch it off and just enjoy the sounds of nature.

And then, apps such as mapmyrun was created and I found it handy to track distances, calories burnt. I started to use it as well.

When has jogging become a "game" of some sort? Now, there are even apps made to make jogging more fun. They make games, and you listen to a game scenario while running. You collect "things" that will be useful in the game while running. To increase the fun aspect, you can select the option to "chase off" where zombies will chase after you. You'll need to outrun their pace in order to win.

So last week, I decided to try zombie run. The GPS component is still wonky and doesn't always track accurately. For instance, there was once I was on a path but it tracks me as running in the canal. It was quite fun for a change, to listen to a story scenario while running. However I didn't try the "chase off" option as I'm just focusing on my own pace.

Honestly, I did find it fun - it provided a different distraction or purpose. But I just don't think I would subscribe as it is something I can live without. My next game scenario can only be unlocked on 17 July unless I subscribe. I'll wait instead.

Meanwhile, I'm back to running listening to music, or just plain sounds of nature. :)

If you do jog, what is your routine?


  1. Hi Pei Li. Interesting post! I jog too, but as I am getting older, I've had hip discomfort, so cut my running distance in half. Also, it takes up a lot less time! Haha! I had an ipod for a little while but just found I preferred the quiet rather than music, plus it was really off with the distance and didn't seem to want to calibrate at all. But I do agree that having a device is motivating. I have had two fitbits over time, but they both died and they wouldn't calibrate either (apparently I have a long stride for my height). Perhaps one day I will get something else to track my running, but right now, I just don't care that much!

    1. Hi Shannon, Thank you for sharing! It's wonderful to hear about your jogging routine. I'm quite sure as I get older I will cut down my distance. Or even change it into walking so that I don't hurt my knees. I do sometimes prefer the sounds of nature as well. It's very soothing. I was just thinking our parents didn't have all those technology during their time and they exercised just fine. We are just lucky to have so many aids and gadgets to help us. Just keep moving! :)

    2. We are lucky. We have the option of music or nature. Gadgets are certainly motivating, but also just being in a habit and doing it without thinking helps! I find tabata/interval sessions very beneficial and less stress on my knees and hips.

  2. LOL. Zombies are SERIOUS business, Pei. That is actually quite clever- haha ;) You can bet I would run at a cheetah's speed if I had hoards of Zombies after me.

    My favorite thing about running-- it really gets my circulation going. I love the feeling of blood gushing from my legs back to my heart and vice versa after a nice long run. *looks over at my running shoes* You just scratched an itch Pei! If only the weather wasn't so sticky, I would have dashed out the front door. ;) Keep running! Stay strong! <3

    1. Haha..your comments make me laugh, in a good way Deborah!
      I have been taking a slower pace with jogging recently as I need to take care of my knees. I totally get you with the feeling of blood flowing and pumping! I hope you have some time to get out there and get some fresh air and warmth too!

  3. ;) Laughing is just as a good medicine as running! I'm glad I can manage a few chuckles every now and then. Life is all about health (running away from Zombies) and happiness (guffawing) right? ^^ You are too good to me, Pei. ALWAYS. <3


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