Saturday, July 8, 2017

On a Peonies Roll

I'm pretty much down to the last bit of that colored clay I showed you in my last post for making miniature peonies. After that, I might probably be switching to another color.

I made another bouquet of peonies by request :)

I wanted to quickly show these pictures before I "archive" these photos.

I love those green bulbs. I don't have a name for them...but I saw similar ones in an artificial flora bouquet and I just loved that idea. So I'm putting some into this bouquet.

Also, the light green helps the pink to "pop".

Here's another view of the peonies. Loving the full petals. :)

I'm quite liking this new method of working, which is making as many peonies as I possibly can with one color I've mixed and then come up with various items with that. I'm still not sure if I will stick to it, but I'll try different ways and see what works best. Knowing myself, I like to switch things around so that I don't get "bored" with one way.

I like to make another bouquet before the color "runs" out, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to have enough of this color to, if not I'll have to mix some more of it. We'll see :)

I hope you're having a great week!


  1. Such a fairy you are, Pei! GORGEOUS. SO IN LOVE and SO GRATEFUL AS ALWAYS hun! ;) Peony fever indeed! ;) From hydrangeas to roses to anemones to peonies to gorgeous leaves, there is literally NO floral genre that you cannot conjure. <3 The green bulbs are STUNNING. I completely agree that they make an otherwise pastel shade really pop! Reminds me of anemones in that regard! ;) And I love how you manage to create different things with the same batch of flowers.. that is true creativity right there! I'm still obsessed with the kitchen mixer and the flowers in there- seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen! ;)

    Whatever new shade you come up with, it is ALWAYS exquisite! ;) Shades of pink, peach, lavender, blue, white, beige, green: ALL STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS! You ALWAYS make it all work! With the classic 'Pei touch!' ;)

    Wishing you a GORGEOUS day Pei ^^ HUGS! <33


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