Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Dollhouse Miniature Fruit Slices Mold

Hi everyone! I've been busy working on some custom orders and taking care of mom still. It has kept me very busy, hence the lack of updates here. But I should be finishing 2 custom orders this week soon, and maybe I'll have some time for other things ^^ We'll see.

I just want to updated that there's a new dollhouse miniature fruit slices mold available in my shop here.

This makes 1/12 scale miniature fruit slices. It works best with air dry clay.

Please refer to the below list for corresponding fruits:

1. Tomato Slice 0.7cm wide
2. Strawberry Slice 0.4cm wide
3. Strawberry Slice 0.3cm wide
4. Orange Slice 0.7cm wide
5. Tomato Slice 0.7cm wide
6. Grapefruit Slice 0.7cm wide
7. Kiwi Slice 0.4cm wide
8. Lime OR Lemon Slice 0.6cm wide
9. Pineapple Slice 0.7cm wide
10. Kiwi Slice 0.6cm wide
11. Pineapple Slice 0.7cm wide

You can make 7 different assorted fruit slices. Some of the fruit slice molds have 2 different views or variations.

Have a great day everyone! :) 


  1. This mold looks very interesting Pei Li. I hope you'll demonstrate how the finished slices will look from the mold, both un-painted as well as painted. :)


    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth. Yes I will try to find some time to make some samples ^^

  2. I am so sorry to learn of your mother's illness, Pei Li but you are a Good Daughter for being there for her when your mother needs you most.
    It is no doubt, a difficult process for both of you.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! We've been trying to adjust and find some normality in this new situation. So far we are adjusting well. But it's been very hectic and busy here for me, hence the lack of updates. But I should be updating my blog soon. Thanks for your kind words!


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