Friday, December 1, 2017

A quiet birthday

Sorry I've been out of the loop again! I meant to write a thanksgiving blog post, but time just flew by.

Thank you for your support, if you've been shopping over at my shop during the sale period. I am especially grateful for all the sale that came in.

I just celebrated my birthday last week, and it was a quiet affair. I was especially thankful that my friend from Seattle stayed to spend the day with me and Mom. I cooked, but also bought some food.

My mom has a habit of giving me a red packet each year. I keep almost all the red packets. This year, I noticed that my mom has more difficulty with her writing.  Because I keep all the red packets, I could tell the difference from year to year.

Still, despite her difficult condition, she writes. I cherish all the red packets and her handwriting.

Today, I'm teaching a class. I'll go prepare now!


  1. Often birthdays are quiet for a good reason Pei Li but what a great blessing that you have your mother's traditional gift to enjoy for this birthday too.
    I wish I'd had the fore-sight like you, to keep more of what my mother wrote to me through-out the years but I congratulate you for doing so.
    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Pei Li and may the year ahead be BETTER in every way- for both you and for your mother! :)


  2. To late but......much love and best wishes for your birthday!
    Good days for your mom!!!I think she is very proud of you :o)


  3. Happy Birthday Pei Li! It is so nice that you have kept the envelope's from your mom. Words from loved ones are a treasure that become more and more valuable to us as life goes on. Hope you get a chance to do something nice for yourself.

  4. Happy birthday Pei Li! I hope the class goes well and love to your mum.


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