Tuesday, May 1, 2018

L Alphabet Wearable Flower Jewelry

Welcome May! Time flies and we're now officially in the month of May. Am I the only one who feels my body is still kind of stuck in February? I mentioned in my last few posts that I was working on a custom order. This was the first time I accepted such a challenging one. It was challenging as I've never worked on a wearable jewelry piece that involves an Alphabet Letter (in this case, it was L), and decorating it with flowers and sweets. I also cannot emphasize how much I appreciate that my customer is so understanding of my situation and has told me to take my time with this. I worked on it on and off, whenever I had the energy. I had to make plentiful of flowers, just so that I wouldn't run out when I am assembling it. :)

But here's the final product.

My customer had some specific color requests. Blue for macarons but summer themed colors for the flowers. So lots of bright pink, oranges, some yellow and red were used.

My proudest achievement on this piece are the leaves on the strawberries. Did anyone even notice them? :D

I'm going to work on 2 more custom orders for my customer before mailing them together. :)

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  1. Just lovely! It is always fun to try something new and have it come out so perfectly!


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