Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Breadbox

From Wikipedia : A breadbox (chiefly American) or a bread bin (chiefly British) is a container for storing bread and other baked goods to keep them fresh. They were a common household kitchen item until bread started being made commercially with food preservatives and wrapped in plastic. Breadboxes are still used, especially by people who bake bread at home. Newer ones are usually made of metal. In the past they were often made of wood or sometimes pottery (pottery breadboxes are also called bread crocks). Old breadboxes can be collectible antiques.
The lid or door to a breadbox is usually hinged, opening from the front or top, or a fully removable top. Most breadboxes are fairly tightly sealed when closed, helping to trap moisture and prevent their contents from drying out and going stale. They protect their contents from mice and other pests.

I got an angel to purchase this dollhouse miniature breadbox all the way from Japan for me. It was something I don't see in ebay or online shops. Extremely high quality, well made miniature, I must say. It's made of stainless steel, and spray painted. Don't even ask me how much it is. Let's just say it's only for serious miniature collectors. I was more so delighted that it opens and closes..just like the real thing!

Now it's closed...

Now you can see my Vienna bread in them!


  1. Adorable! Even cuter with your bread in it!
    bunny hugs,

  2. Adorable, you know I love your stuff! Yes, the fika tradition is a great way to take a break and the scrimp sandwiches are really, really good! You have a great week too and talk to you soon!
    ;0) Helene

  3. thanks for the adresses !
    There seems to be a shop in Ho Chi Minh ! but I couldn't find the adress yet.

  4. The more "real" something is in a different scale the better, I always think. Like the flour-y bread too. This is great! Have a super weekend. ; )

  5. Very pretty !
    I hope you had a great week end !


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