Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dollhouse Miniatures Shabby Chic Bread Box

For the last couple of weeks, I was busy making dollhouse miniatures shabby chic bread box. It was time consuming, but fun. I got so engrossed into it, that I ended up wanting to make them in various colours. So yes, I did make them in warm white, pale pink, mint green, antique white too. I just like seeing them being transformed in different colours...there must be one colour that you like?

I was flipping through one of my treasured discontinued magazines, called Zakka Book, and I found this photo that shows the various sizes of bread box. And the bread box were huge!

My dollhouse miniature scale bread box are of course a little tad smaller, measuring at approximately only 2.5cm by 2.5cm.

The antique white, pale pink and mint green ones are available at my dollhouse miniatures shop.

Picture scanned from the magazine, one of my inspiration photos.

I'm planning to release Shabby Chic Cake Boxes too. You must have seen them too, with the word Cake on them. Currently work in progress :)


  1. Hi Pei Li,
    One of these days, when I have a granddaughter we will have a dollhouse! And I know right where I will go to shop, how cool to have a variety of colors to choose from! Have a super week!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  2. Hi Pei Li! Oh how sweet those bread boxes are. I can't wait to see the cake boxes too. Now, if I could only eat that small....
    Susie, The Polka Dot Rose

  3. I would love a dolls house to give a home to your beautiful petite treasures they are beautiful, with such attention to detail.

  4. Pei Li

    I absolutely love the breadbox it is amazing and so true to life.


  5. Hi Pei Li,
    Love the bread boxes. So authentic looking.

  6. Those are just wonderful. Great job on the shabby chic bread boxes. Love them!

  7. Hi Pei Li,, How are you this week. I hope you are enjoying some beautiful weather!
    I love these bread boxes. You have done a beautiful job! I love your work and it always amazes me. I cant wait to see the cake boxes too. Hugs,gail

  8. Pei Li they are just gorgeous! I cannot get over how they look so exactly like the full size versions. You are truly amazing my friend. I think you must have magical little fingers to create something so tiny.
    bunny hugs,

  9. I'm completly in love with those boxes, Pei Li!
    So vintage!


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