Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paper Tole

I am into my third lesson of papertole and my piece is still yet to complete. It just goes to show, that I'm a little slow, and there were much more details than I thought. I chose a foxwood rabbit christmas picture as my first, and by next lesson, I should be able to finish with the decoration ;)

I'm very excited with its progress and it's looking nice. Well I could only show a picture when I get it back from framing!

Then, I also picked another picture for my 2nd piece. I'm drawn by Janet Kruskamo's work, and I had a hard time picking one of her garden scenery pictures. In the end, I picked the Apple Pie Harvest! I love the homey kitchen scene, and my teacher said this would be quite difficult to do, as there are way lot more details. I think when you pick a picture you really like, you will have sustained interest in completing it. I'm also thinking of picking another christmas picture, so maybe that for my 3rd project haha!

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