Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Featured as one of Top 10 Great Asian Gifts!

I had a very pleasant and unexpected surprise when I was told I was featured on CNNGo as one of the Top 10 Great Asian Gifts!

Please visit this link to see the other fabulous featured gift ideas:


  1. Congratulations Pei Li, you deserve it so much !

  2. WOW. and Asia is BIGG!! :D And am glad that they picked you to represent Singapore! :) congrats Pei Li! :)

  3. How awesome Pei Li!

    Congratulations! You so deserve this and more. Your work is spectacular and I am so darn proud of you.
    Next think you know you will be on Oprah :-)
    Loved your show and tell. Have a fantastic week,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  4. Congratulations Pei Li! You are so deserving of this! Your work is incredible!
    Wooo hooo!


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