Sunday, December 13, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ Another christmas present and a blue cake display shelf

I spent my weekend putting together a 1:12 scale christmas profiteroles tower. I've never tried putting togerther a tower in such a short time, but I've been really hard pressed for time. It can be done, but first, all the profiteroles have to be prepared. And I made sure I make more than enough!

The first picture shows the piece on its own, and the second picture shows how I display it in the display case - ready to be presented. It will be kept clean in the acrylic display box :)

I also wanted to show a work in progress photo I am currently working along with other projects. I've never painted a cake display shelf in blue colour before, I was actually worried how it would turn out, but I'm glad it turns out well. In fact, I really do like it myself too. I think this particular blue is very pretty. :)

I'll be leaving for holidays end of this week! I'm excited, and wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!

I'll be back before the new year!


  1. Just gorgeous Pei Li!


  2. Hi Pei Li, YOur friend is going to love her gift. This is just gorgeous. I love the new blue cake stand also. That is a very pretty shade of blue!

    I hope you have a very Merry Crhistmas and a Peaceful, Healthy and Happy New Year. Have a wonderful trip. ((()) gail

  3. that is a tiffany blue right? stunning! :)

  4. So lovely, The perfect show and tell. Happy Holidays! Hugs! Kim

  5. Pei Li, I am sitting here speechless AGAIN! The detail -- my gosh! What is a profit roll? Have a great vacation and a wonderful holiday!

  6. Hi Pei Li, amazing tower cake and display ! Love the blue shelf too !
    Enjoy your holidays and have a merry christmas !

  7. You do INCREDIBLE work, Pei Li - I am so impressed. What a lucky gal to have you as a friend and to receive such a 'piece of art!'
    Merry Christmas to you & yours.
    Mary Patterson
    Mary's Cottage Treasures

  8. What can I say, yet again your creations leave me speechless, just beautiful.

    Have wonderful holiday Pei Li x

  9. What a wondeful gift for your friend and I truly love the blue on the cake stand! It's fabulous!

  10. hello, I just stumbled on your blog and was very interested in making miniatures. Can you give me some advice where should I start or is there a good tutorial to give me the basics or if there is a book that shows you how to make stuff? thanks...Jenn\

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    There are many resources on the internet for basic miniature tutorials. What kind of clay are you looking to work with, Polymer or Air Dry?
    The medium you choose to work with, will have different techniques and materials required. There are many books out there too that has pictures of step by step instructions.

    There are many considerations. :)

    Are you based locally or overseas? Maybe you can leave your contact/email address again.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Pei Li


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