Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I planned to post this earlier, but since coming back from vacation, I am still extremely busy with unpacking, clearing, laundry, plus entertaining an overseas friend who came by. I've been eating pretty much non stop since I was back. Chicken rice at Mandarin, french cuisine at Au Petit Salut, seafood buffet at Ritz. The desserts are to die for at Ritz..

Looking back, I've been playing and making miniatures for over 4 years. 2009 was a humbling experience for me. I got to know many wonderful people...through them, I learnt how to be patient, how to have fun, how to continuously improve in my work. I'm humbled that my handmade creations have been mailed to some faraway countries, in the homes of loving collectors. It is an unbelievable feeling whenever I receive emails and mails from collectors all over the world who tell me how happy they were to find me, how much they like my creations. I am deeply grateful, that you loved my creations. You know, creating beautiful miniatures makes me happy. Being able to create something so small and yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye brings tremendous joy to me. Having to hold it in my hands and knowing I can marvel at it whenever I want to is an undescribable feeling. Having people who like them as much as I do is definitely a bonus for me.

The past year also tested my dedication and passion. It gave me deeper insights into what made me happy. At the end of the day, I knew creating miniatures was something I loved doing. The process of creation took my stress away and sets me free. Sometimes it can be stressful because I only have a pair of hands, and I can only churn out so many within a short time frame, but I am grateful people understood when I explained the painstaking process and time taken to create each piece of work. I always believed that if I didn't enjoy the process, it would show in the work. I know, for sure I will continue to enjoy creating miniatures in the new year. I want to keep that going.

Thanks to all, who have given me opportunity to make something for you. It has always been my sincere desire that the miniatures I create brings you much joy, I can't be there personally to see your reaction to my creations, but I can only hope whenever you see them, you will be smiling. That has been my goal, and it always will be.

Thanks to my friends, who have supported my passion and believing in me. Even when I doubt myself, you still chose to believe I can do it.

Thanks to all, who have come into my life and given me much huge impact and learning. Thanks to my teachers, who have shared their knowledge, little life stories, experiences. Each little exchanges we have, gave me glimpses and deeper insights in your journey. Through them, I have a new found respect for passion. Passion for handmade, passion for creating, courage for taking the road less travelled.

2010, a new year. I don't really set new year resolutions. My wish is to continue to work on new creations, enjoy the process, and hopefully it shows in my work. Everything else, is just really a bonus.

With that, I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Wishing you the best of health, happiness and success in whatever you do!


  1. A Happy and Healthy New Year for you and your family too!
    * marlies

  2. Happy new year :)
    Hopefully 2010 will bring you lots of health and fun in minis ;)


  3. Wishing my friend a wonderful happy healthy new year !


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