Saturday, May 15, 2010

1:12 scale miniature peonies

I'm around...

Well actually I have been back for a week, but have been terribly busy that I don't have much time for anything else. I have some news to share the next time.

But first...

I have been intrigued by peonies for a long time...and I'm not the first one who have tried making them in miniature scale. I am intrigued by their fat rounded shape, and especially when they are not so ready to be in full bloom know what I mean? So in the peonies I make, I really like making them in that state :)

I am a little strange, I know.

I like this colour, a little soft peach, but currently am going to try making them in various colours. It's going to be interesting!!


  1. how detail! the salmon pink colour is lovely :)

  2. So beautiful! Our hot pink peonies have been in full bloom here and they are gorgeous! We have a friend who goes out to her garden and puts an umbrella over them when a thunder storm hits as otherwise, they are shattered into a million petals!


  3. These are lovely...just lovely! The pitcher is perfect for them. Peonies are pretty--so many beautiful colors. My grandmother always had bright pink ones next to her house, and I always admired them. Thanks for sharing with us.; )

  4. Que preciosas!!!
    El color me encanta!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. So stunning! I love peonies too! These are just beautiful! Can't wait to see the colors you make next! Jacqueline

  6. Hi Pei Li... I love your Peonies.I just saw my first one in person this weekend at Maries house in NY. They dont grow here. It was beautiful, soooo pretty. YOu did a great job. I hope you are getting settled back in from your long trip.
    Have a nice week, Gail

  7. I'm constantly amazed by your work. I almost can't believe it's clay!


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