Monday, May 24, 2010

First Day of Work

First day of work went by. My new laptop (they ordered a brand new laptop for me) doesn't arrive till next week, so I'll be using a spare one at the meantime. I was reading some materials in the afternoon while my boss had to go for a meeting. Then I joined in the later meeting which was meant to be 0.5 hr but ended up as a 2 hr meeting. My director jokingly asked if I would still turn up for work tomorrow...LoL..

Last week, I made lots of 1:12 scale miniature peonies, in a variety of shades. Honestly I don't have a fix idea of how I'm going to use them yet, but I just want to experiment on making them in a variety of shades of pink, champagne, peaches...and I guess I'll stop when I eventually run out of shades to make them in, or when I get bored.

Perhaps I will get another shot to show the shades this weekend.

Meanwhile, a shot of them in my hand...

The pinks so far...


  1. Hi Pei Li,
    Good luck in your new job!


  2. Me encantan!!!
    Has escogido unos colores preciosos
    besitos ascension

  3. Gorgeous peonies! I really love the different shades <3

  4. Wishes for the new job and congratulations for peonies: I can not choose the best colors... I will choose them all ;-)

  5. I LOVE these flowers! They really look wonderful and I am anxious to see what you do with them!

  6. They peonias are adorable, i like so much!!

    I need it!!!

  7. oh they are a wonder! beautiful shades of color, very delicate! I will pass even here to see how ... I like them very much!
    kisses, Caterina

  8. Gorgeous!! Love your mini peonies! The colors are all fabulous...I am inspired to make some sugar peonies in those colors now! Good luck with your new job!

  9. How detail and pretty!! Great :)
    I am glad your dirst day of work went well.

  10. Good luck with the new job. :)

    I love the peonies! :)

  11. Hi Pei Li,, I love the peonies. They are such a pretty flower. I got to see one in NY a few weeks ago. I havent seen them before. They do not grow in the desert at all:)
    I hope the new job is going well. I also have a new job and training has been really hard. I love it, but I am using all the extra brain cells I have! LOL I hope its a great week ahead for you. (()) gail

  12. Peonies are my favorite flower. Your's are wonderful. The sky garden is a treat.CM

  13. Such beautiful flowers! What are they made out of?

  14. Hi QueenQuill,

    Thanks for visiting! The flowers are made of air dry clay. :)

    Pei Li

  15. I love your work, is very sweet and romantic! Just how I love it!



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