Friday, May 21, 2010

1:12 scale miniature rusty old weathered pot

I recently transformed a silver pot to make it look really old and rusty. I really like it, because I recently has a fond liking for old, rusty, weathered things...

Put some flowers into it, and it now looks really special...

The rusty pot is now available at my etsy shop:


  1. I loved it silver but it's just as beautiful rusty!


  2. It does look quite weathered and rusty! I love it, too!


  3. Hi Pei Li... I love the weather look too. Just adorable. I always look forward to what you will be doing next :)
    I saw your post on having a new job. I wish you much luck and success on your new position. Change is good. I also just started a new job last week. The learning is always kind of scary, but its a great place for me to be. I wish you much happiness!
    Hugs, gail


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