Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carnation or Rose?

I like to think it's Carnation.

I'm asking the same question to a few friends including my facebook fans. The first friend whom I showed this photo to told me it looks like Carnation but it also looks like Rose.

And then Cathy said it could be either too.

I was making a batch of flowers yesterday and I had a bit of clay left. I could either finish it off continuing what I did.

But then, I remembered I wanted to try something out. It was always on my mind. So I tried making carnations by hand from scratch.

Difficulty Rating is 3.8 out of 5. Because it's small, you have to have the lightest touch, so as not to squash the flowing petals.

I thought they looked like carnations, maybe I did hope they looked like carnations....
Then again, I wouldn't mind if you said they look like roses too just because there are so many different variety of roses.

I'm going to try making them slightly bigger, just to see how different it would be.

What do you think it looks like? Carnation, Rose or neither? ;D


  1. I think it looks most like a carnation. You have done a really great job! It looks very delicate and fiddley.

  2. I think it looks like a carnation too, very tiny and delicate!

  3. Definitely a carnation. And a really beautiful one.

  4. I wote for cornation and it looks just beautiful!!

  5. Carnation for sure!
    I wonder how you'd steady your hand with such delicate wonder. I tried making mini rose choc rose, using chocolate clay(homemade), took me ages to make and so difficult.

    If only, I got your magic powers...

  6. In the pair, they read as carnations, but on its own, the one looks more like a rose to me. I think what sells carnations is the tattered edges, but I can only imagine how difficult it is at that scale!

    Regardless of what they are, they're lovely!

  7. Ha! Who cares!?? It is definately a

  8. Those are impossibly pretty! I just don't see how you can create something so TINY! It's a gift, for sure!

    I do think it looks more like a carnation because of the color. If they were red, I might say they look more like roses...

  9. There are so many different varieties of roses...and even though it looks like a carnation...it can also pass for a "Cabbage Rose" google it and you will see how it looks similar :o)
    Either way it is quite lovely and very very detailed, I do so love all your flowers :o) Roxanne

  10. Indeed!! I love cabbage rose. They are so delicate! Thanks for letting me know!


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