Friday, August 12, 2011

Dollhouse Miniatures - Pink Rose Cupcakes and Unique Giveaway!

While happily making a bunch of flowers, some end up looking like roses and some were more like carnations. I picked the ones which looked like roses and made them into dollhouse miniatures pink rose cupcakes.

I especially love how delicate and thin the flowers look, just like the real thing.

This experiment on dollhouse miniature roses and carnations has been extremely fruitful and in a way, deepened my knowledge on air dry clay.

In fact, I was chatting with my friend today about how I would REALLY love to try my hands on making edible roses decoration for real cakes, maybe using gum paste. Now, what prompted me to want to try it out is because I wanted to see if my own unconventional way of working on roses and carnations could be adapted to the real edible thing. I've not tried handling gum paste, and don't know how the texture is like, but I think I would really like to experiment my rose/carnation making techniques with the real thing someday. Can any real bakers in Singapore who is reading this, and who's interested to get together to play with gum paste leave me a message? All the ones I know who bakes live overseas. This will be on my wish list.

Now, this is open to all the 1:6 scale doll collectors. Simply blog about this new unique giveaway with a clear photo of your empty flower pot, utensil or container that you would like me to fill it in with my newly created flowers. You can blog about why you like it to be filled with my hand created flowers, your preferred color ;) Please provide measurements of your empty container.

Then leave me a comment here on my blog, with your blog URL.
I'll be selecting one unique container and I'll make you a pot of flowers. All you have to do is to ship me your empty pot/utensil/gear. All you have to pay is for the actual shipping of flowers back to you.

Please feel free to let your 1:6 scale doll collector friends know about this. :)

Sounds good, no?


  1. These are beautiful, what a wonderful use of your precious flowers :o) Roxanne

  2. They look so gorgeous! Very nice!
    Hugs, Pia

  3. As always, your work is delightful and lovely =)

  4. Dearest sweet pei li, i really love these new pink roses too! The petals of these roses are really so delicate and thin!
    I am loving how you are also wanting to venture a little further with your flowers creation. Sounds like a wonderful inspiring idea! I will be supporting you all the way! :)
    Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!


  5. I wish I could buy some from you. They are the most gorgeous little ones I have ever seen. You are amazing

    1. Hi Deborah,

      These usually go out pretty fast, and I make different ones each time. Please keep a lookout at my Etsy shop often for the latest release. Or if you would like to reserve one, please contact me. Thanks for your support!

      Pei Li


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