Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Brick Wall - 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature Scale

This dollhouse miniature brick wall has taken me a bit way too long to make.

I was over ambitious and started off with a larger surface area, and after making 3 or 4 rows each time, I would get really tired. It can get pretty time consuming to make, and I had to break it up into several sessions. And then real life and other work got into the way and so I kept putting this project aside. But a few days ago, I saw that I only have another 3-4 rows before completion and so I pushed myself to finish it. I am really glad that I finished this wall finally.

I initially wanted this to be part of the feature for a future workshop, but experiencing how tedious it can get, and based on my teaching experiences so far, I have decided to tweak it down. My initial plans will be changed, but I believe it will still be good :) And for this wall, I will keep it for display purposes.

Every time when I go for my jog, I pass by this row of brick walls which I would notice and study its details. I love how the green moss gives it a realistic look and over here, I try to replicate the same. :)

I love how life gives us lots of inspiration everyday.


  1. Your wall looks very realistic and fun! I know you've inspired me today! xo Jennifer

  2. It does look very realistic! I am about to start working on the brick wall for my house too, just trying to find time. Mini hugs, Natalia


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