Monday, September 24, 2012

Faux Macaron Jewelry - Trio Macaron Necklace

I created this faux macaron jewelry just recently. This is actually a fall/autumn inspired colour :)
It is also the first time for me to create a jewelry using a different colour line, but I am really loving it.
Perhaps it's the brightness of it. My mom actually loves this colour range.

Maybe another reason why I am liking this a lot is also because this is a very earthy colour range and yet makes me smile. :)

I just like how these colours compliments so nicely.

What other bright trio colour combinations would you like to see?


  1. Wow! Peili , This is AWESOME! I've always loved your color scheme! It is perfect!

  2. That is so cute! I want it! ^-^

  3. I love the color combo too! It's so adorable and fall ready :-D

  4. These are adorable! I would wear one in coffee/caramel, a purplish pink (maybe lavender), and bright red.

  5. Hi Krizia,

    Thank you for stopping by and suggesting such a lovely colour combination! I'm going to give it a try soon! :)

    Pei Li

  6. Wow, what a coincidence! I've seen these necklaces and rings all over Pinterest! You really are talented Pei Li.


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