Friday, May 24, 2013

Biscuit Clay Review

Today, I am pleased to try my hands playing with this biscuit clay and do a short review of it.
Pardon me for this photograph, I broke a little of the corner of the clay before I realized that I need a full product shot of it before I try using it. Therefore you see a little dent in the corner of this photo.

The first thing I noticed was its awesome natural colour and texture. It has tiny specks of some different colored grains, mostly black and lighter brown. It is precisely this that gives this clay its most natural look of a biscuit or cookie would look.

I know that the Decollage has another biscuit clay in their product line, but I find that color a little too "dark", maybe a little too "ochre" for my liking. Therefore this one appeals to me more for its natural coloring.

As for texture, this one feels just like what other lightweight clay would feel. Airy, light and soft. Easy to sculpt and mold.

This clay is perfect to make biscuits, cookies, waffles, cheese cake base, ice cream cones, tarts ...I can go on and on, but you get the idea. There are endless things you can experiment making with this clay.

I made a miniature ice cream cone with this, but need to get some nice sunshine going on here before I can take a photograph with it :)

Of course, the biggest plus point is that since the color is already mixed well naturally, you don't have to add any additional color into it.

Storage Tips:
The clay comes in a sealed package and the clay itself is wrapped in a plastic sheet. However it is not the best ideal way to store this clay. You may experience that the corners of the clay is a little hard, but this can be solved by breaking away a little chunk of it, and using water to wet it. Once it is soft enough for molding, you can use it.

I suggest that you transfer this clay into a clear wrap. Make sure it's tight enough, and put it into a ziplock bag. Then find a air tight container to store it. I know this sounds a bit more work, but again, there is always pros and cons to almost everything, no?

Hope you enjoy my review :)

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  1. Dearest sweet Pei li, this clay looks so interesting! I love the natural color and texture too! I can't wait to see your minature ice cream cone!! I want to make some too. Happy Sunday and love to you!



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