Sunday, May 26, 2013

Green Tea Matcha Wafer Biscuits

I got some really nice treats from my friend Tiffany. As these matcha wafer biscuits are so delicious in my opinion, they are worth mentioning in my blog post. :)

I'm a big fan of almost anything matcha, as long as red beans are not in the picture. Just never liked that combination somehow, as it is usually ultra sweet. But I see many snacks or dessert with that combination, which is disappointing for a pure matcha fan like myself.

Love the packaging, the mint green itself is such a soothing color.

The wafer biscuits are individually wrapped.

I cannot describe how delicious the wafer sticks are, they just taste different. Very fragrant, yet light.

The green tea is strong, and yet not so sweet. One of the best snacks I had in a while....:)

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  1. Dearest sweet Pei Li, these looks soo yumieee!! I love the colors and for a second there i thought they are your miniature creations! hehe Have a beautiful monday and love to you!



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