Monday, October 14, 2013

Experimenting with light teal color

I love playing around with colors. In fact I find great joy in painting my dollhouse miniatures with different types of paints, colors, whatever I can get my hands on and seeing the effect.

I remembered trying out the teal color for the first time a few months ago, and boy I hated it. It was very pigmented, heavy and sort of dark. I usually fall for teal/turquoise, but this was a teal that I didn't like. At that moment, I lost interest in it totally and kept it aside.

I found a picture in one of my favorite japanese decor magazine which inspired me and I whipped up a dollhouse miniature screen. I've not finished making it into a folding screen yet, but will soon continue with it. As I worked on it, I decided on how I would utilize the light teal color. With the help of a lot of water, I  dilute the color, and I was immensely pleased to see this. 

The screen on the bottom is the result of the heavily diluted teal colour without any texturing. You cannot imagine how heavy the original teal color was. The screen on the top was further textured.

This light teal color just pops! 

I'm happy I got these colors to work now. Today I'm going to do more work on these....


  1. The color looks beautiful! I am so happy you got it all figured out! Have a beautiful week and love to you!



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