Friday, October 4, 2013

Experimenting new paint for dollhouse miniatures

Part of what I really love doing is constantly experimenting new products, such as air dry clay or paints. So whenever I chance upon something I think is interesting to use for my dollhouse miniatures, I'm excited to try and see the effect. Not everything works, but that's part of learning ;)

I'm kind of obsessed with colours, especially with paints. So I was really happy to give this new colour a try. It's called "dressing table blue". What a beautiful name! And it comes with an equally beautiful soft shade of bluish green.

I worked on a new 1:12 scale kitchen island table right after I finish making a white dessert hutch for a customer. Since I was already in the mood, and the lessons were fresh in my mind, I quickly put together this kitchen island table.

Here, I've a photo to showcase the height comparison of the dessert hutch and the kitchen island table.

The blue kitchen island table is a tad shorter, but it looks cute, I think :) I imagine it to be used as a side table to display your goodies, in a kitchen setting, or bakery, patisserie or even a gift shop!

Altogether, there are 3 surfaces to display your stuff, that should be fun!

 I love how smooth and creamy the paint is. No lumps or anything. Painting has always been an enjoyable activity for me, and this is even more so with a good paint.

The new 1:12 kitchen island table is now available in my store under Miniature Kitchen section.


  1. Very pretty color!! I love this adorable island table! Happy friday and love to you!



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