Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New white and blue bouquet

I made another white and blue bouquet, using some new paints that I've bought! I'm happy with the results. I've also bought some other colors and can't wait to try them out slowly over time.

The dark blue berries add some depth into this bouquet :) I'm truly loving the look.

I've also made some light blue smaller flowers to bring more "blue" to the bouquet.

While jogging, a thought came into my mind. I need to try making a wreath next! White and blue flower wreath! So yes, that will be my goal.

If this set is still around by the time I complete the wreath, I'll be able to have a photo opportunity with them all. ^^

I suspect that the wreath is going to take a while, which is always the case with flowers. But the end goal is not that important for me. I am looking forward to enjoy the process, from scratch to deliberating colors and composition. This is what makes me excited.



  1. Oooh, it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love the coolness of the blues and I am looking forward to eventually seeing your wreath! :D


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