Wednesday, April 20, 2016

White and Blue Flower Bouquet and Victorian Round Boxes

I have been busy working on more dollhouse miniature victorian round boxes once I gotten the technique. I am getting the kick of making them. With so many papers around, I can visualize a whole lot of different color schemes which is making me excited! I also got more ribbons to play with, and now I just have to patiently wait for them to arrive. It's just frustrating that simple things like ribbons has to be ordered online from overseas, because they don't carry those specific ones here locally.

So, the white and blue theme has always been one of the most popular color schemes in my shop.
After I made the sage green boxes, and the flora ones with a flower arrangement on the top, I wanted to try making a mini ensemble piece that includes a flower bouquet, because I think that would make the scene so pretty^^

So here goes!

Something new with these flowers is that, I added a soft blue center to the roses. ^^

I know I keep repeating using the same decor elements, but I am currently loving this look so much, that's why :D

As I typed this, I thought of another idea. Erhmm...what if I add another wreath? Would it be an overkill?
I shall try, after I remake and relist the sage green boxes.! No harm giving it a try! ^^


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the boxes :o)

    Hugs from vienna

  2. these are so pretty and detailed i am a fan of your miniature works


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