Saturday, June 11, 2016

Decorating cake with lace

This week, while I attempted to make another miniature cake, I also tried decorating cake with lace.

While the process is more time consuming, as I needed to wait for the lace to dry, but I'm loving the end results.

I can't believe this is the first time I'm trying lace cake designs. It is in the rage, probably for a long time now and you get tons of inspiration ideas if you search in google!

Many people have also asked how to make laces even and straight. I'll come up with a tutorial soon! It's not difficult, but as always, you need patience.

Laces does make your cake design more intricate.

I also want to try a slightly darker cake color, so that the lace design can be more prominent.

I like to make little changes each time to make things interesting, it also makes me feel like I'm evolving.

Can't wait to see how my next cake turn out...

Have a beautiful weekend all! :)

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  1. Adding the lace trims, makes this 3 tiered wedding cake look even MORE special as well as more feminine. The lace also enhances the beauty of the floral arrangement.


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