Thursday, June 30, 2016

Revisiting the Dollhouse Miniature Ranunculus Flower

I first made the dollhouse miniature ranunculus flower back in 2012! You can read about that here and here.
Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit this flower, when a customer of mine requested for a custom bouquet of flowers and she requested for some ranunculus flowers.

One of the earlier shots when I first started this project. The pink planter wasn't distressed and there weren't other flowers.

And after I made the pink planter, I found it extremely handy to just place all the different colored flowers in there, as I could see what I was making.

That alone gave me an idea. The random stalks of flowers sitting in a planter actually looks pretty nice! Don't you think so? So I think that is my next project. I've been doing many bouquets, but I think this "messy" looking concept is pretty interesting too.

My customer didn't request for a work in progress photo. But after I took these photos, I wanted to share it with her. I was pleased with the colors. I never knew a photo could make someone happy. I am glad I sent it to her. :) Bringing someone joy through the work we do can truly be the best gifts we bring to the world. I believe in that.

Have a wonderful week all!

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  1. Beautiful Peili! I like the 'just picked from the garden' look of the flowers in the tub too.


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