Monday, June 20, 2016

Dollhouse Cake - Peach Flower Naked Cake

This week, I continued experimenting with the peach color theme. The cake bases were made a while back, but I have been brainstorming for decorating ideas for a while and didn't come up with an idea until recently.

Since I was still obsessed with the peach color, I decided to go on with this color theme.

And I came up with this dollhouse cake!

It goes perfectly well with the trio peach cakes that I have made prior to this.

An example of a peach theme wedding dessert table. I am loving this! :)

As I am typing this, I'm also in the midst of making 1 more decoration item that goes along with this theme...
Am I crazy or what? I hope to show the pics soon when I have taken it.

Ending this post with a photo of the dollhouse peach flower naked cake in my hand!

Have a great week all! :)

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