Thursday, May 5, 2011

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When my friend told me about the concept of Friend Up last year, it did take a while for me to understand how it works. Afterall, I’m a visual person and theories just take a little while more longer for me to grasp and understand. I don’t know when it happened, but just after a many more times, I think I finally understood the concept and I got very excited and naturally, my mind went into a series of thoughts.

So, what is this social networking site all about, you might ask? FriendUp is a new way to meet extremely like-minded people, based on ALL of your interests combined. In other words, people you SHOULD know.

The idea intrigued me on many levels. I know for myself, I often think about what if I can find friends who share the greatest number of interests as me. In real life relationships, you and your friend/s might share a love for a particular interest, and if you’re lucky, perhaps a few more. For most of us, the commonality might just end at a few interests at most.

And then, I think, what if I can meet people who share most of my passions and interests? I know it’s more likely we will start connecting and talking about the many things we share in common. I think about who would they be, where would they be, and how can we find them? These things intrigued me.

Dollhouse miniatures, is just one component of my life. Although it occupies a big part of my life, I do have many other interests and passion. I often think about where are the people who shares most of my interests living? How do I get to know them?

I’m thankful that this tool has been built, because I am anxious and curious to know where my own community of like-minded people are going to be. Do they even exist? I look forward to the many stimulating conversations and exchanges that we will have, pictures and photos that we will share, inspiring each other. More importantly, I think about the many great lasting friendships that we will potentially help to foster.

But first, most importantly, we need to understand ourselves and know what our interests are. The question of "What are your hobbies/interests?" might seem like a no-brainer question to most people, but through this project, I've asked a few people the same question, and I realized that some people don’t really know that, maybe because their busy workload has occupied most of their waking hours of the day that leaves them with no room to think about interests.

Personally, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the process of defining my interests when I was filling it out. It helps me to think about what I really like and enjoy, and defining my interests is like a roadmap, laying the bricks to connect me with like-minded people.

I’m really curious to see who I will be connected with. If you are looking to expand your social circle who share the same interests beyond your existing network, this is the website which I’m talking about

Do let me know your feedback and comments!

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