Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cake Chef Competition on TV Champion

As promised earlier, this is a not to be missed Cake Chef Competition on TV Champion. I found this really exciting and fun to watch, and I'm so glad a few of you who have enjoyed watching the dollhouse miniatures competition video have left me comments to let me know about it. Thank you! I have much confidence to introduce you the REAL cake chef competition and I find this extremely exciting and entertaining. You may understand why after you watched it yourself.

But first, please do not watch this if you're feeling hungry. All I could do after watching 45 minutes of cakes and pastries was thinking of that fluffy strawberry cake in the first segment. Oh, and that white chocolate dessert that won Round 2. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, but the contestant grated some lemon peel into it to bring down the sweetness of white chocolate, so I would like to try how it taste like if given a chance. Here is the photo.

Again, you might want to see if it's worth 45 minutes of your time before watching this. So here is the summary:

Round 1:

6 contestants are to make triangle slices of strawberry cake out of round sponge cakes. At the start of the competition, you see them rushing to get a sponge cake and hurrying back to their tables to start work. Each have to slice the sponge cake into half, apply whip cream, cut strawberries, put it in the middle of the cake, apply more cream, place the other halved spongecake on the top. Apply cream all over, cut it evenly into 8 pieces followed by more decorations. After the cake is done, they need to place these slices neatly on a long table.

This is the interesting part. The goal is to fill up the long table with as many "sell-able" cake slices as possible. The judge will examine each cake slice. Cake slices which are messy looking and badly sliced are considered "not sell able", therefore they will not be counted. Speed is not the main criteria in this competition segment.

One of the chef interviewed revealed that his shop does not sell such triangle cake slices. At one point, you also see the female host shouting to a chef, as he missed out a strawberry on the top of the cake.

Round 2:

4 contestants have to use chocolate as the main ingredient to come up with an original chocolate cake design. 1 of the contestant used pumpkin in his cake. 3 contestants used dark/milk chocolate in their cake, except for 1 who used white chocolate.

A group comprising 30 women who love dessert will be the judges of this segment. They will vote for their favourite cake.

Final Round:

2 contestants have to create an original christmas cake. Cake size must be 30cm wide and 40cm tall.

I was amazed by the techniques and their decoration skills, and I hope you all will enjoy this clip! Let me know!

Note: There will be a 30 seconds commercial before the clip starts. After the commercial ends and you find that the clip loads very slowly, you may want to let the clip run for 1-2 seconds before pausing it. Let the whole clip load before you play it :)


  1. ~*Thank you for the explanation! I am going to load the video and watch it!*~

  2. Oh wow! That sure was fun to watch!
    Can you please tell me what the green jelly looking stuff was that the champion added to the lemon?

    All of the flavors and textures they used were so interesting to watch, while being put together!
    Thank you for sharing this video Pei Li! There is a movie that was mad in France a while back, about pastry chefs. Have you seen it? a HUGE competition! Amazing cakes and sugar work.

  3. Dearest sweeet pei li, i really enjoyed the the dollhouse miniatures competition video and i can't wait to watch this one! So inspiring and thanks so much for sharing! Happy merry friday and love to you!


  4. Hi Amber,

    Oh I know what you're talking about now. In 36min, he used Yuzu (not lemons) See wiki link.

    The green paste was a special type of honey from france, and after the host tasted it, she says that it's an adult taste. The chef continues to say that kids will not like this taste so much ;)

    Nope, I've not seen the movie from France. What's the title called?

  5. Arrrrghhhhh....
    They are gods!
    I am no where near that good. I should really get myself formally trained as a pastry chef. So jealous!
    Thanks for sharing the video Pei Li! I usually never like east asian shows but there are exceptions and it's true "real" chef's tv competition are nail biting and stomach grumbling. The show you shared uses real Valrhona chocs too! And all sorts of gourmet things. Truly awesome!

    Like iron chef Japan and Top Chef USA.

  6. Ooops, yeah, it didn't really look like lemons when he was pitting them but I thought they looked like "special" lemons! ;o)

    Oh so, yeah, the French pastry competition in France- Kings of Pastry! Here is a link to see the trailer-
    Honestly, it's a rather emotional movie- grown men crying and getting "crazy".

    I really enjoyed watching how several techniques were used to create ornate and astounding works of cake art. Do you guys get "Netflix" in Singapore? I watched it on Netflix!


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